Thursday, March 19, 2009

EarthWatch Ohio

So Dr. Bob stopped by the greenhouse this afternoon for his first visit and in true fashion came brandishing an assortment of information products to share. . .

Among them was EarthWatch Ohio, a bi-monthly newspaper available at most Toledo Library branches and a part of the ever expanding Toledo GROWs bibliography.

In addition to lots of good stuff, the recent issue features an article on the growing momentum of urban chickens and bees, and mentions Toledo as a city that allows residents to have chickens in their yards:

"Cleveland Abuzz Over Chicken and Bee Legislation"
By: Morgan Taggart, Ohio State University Extension

There is an agrarian revolution coming to roost in Cleveland that is part of a comprehensive effort to increase access to fresh, healthy, affordable food in Cuyahoga County and to leverage local dollars to support a growing regional food economy. One aspect of this movement focuses on revising city zoning regulations on keeping farm animals and bees on private property. City council is now reviewing its policy on raising lifestock including chickens, bees and rabbits. Approximately 10 contiguous lots or one acre are now required to accommodate the 100-foot setbacks from nearby residences and the street specified in the city’s zoning code.

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