Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Regional beekeeping conferences this weekend

It's a good time for honey and sustainable practices! Two beekeeping conferences are scheduled for this weekend...

Saturday, March 6
City Bees Detroit is hosting All About Bees!, a series of hands-on workshops at the Detroit Waldorf School on Saturday, March 6.

Workshops include:
-Beekeeping in Community Development
-Honey and Nutrition
-Building Beehives
-The Fine Art of Honey Tasting
-Biodynamic Beekeeping
-Honey Coops
-Bee Biology & Bee Gardening
-Beekeeping 101
-Working with Local Government

Find more info on the Detroit conference here

Wooster, OH
Friday & Saturday, March 5, 6
OSU Extension's Honey Bee Lab hosts "the largest single-day beekeeping workshop in the United States".

In addition to formal presentations on both days, Saturday workshops include:
-Beekeeping Without Chemicals - Can It Be Done?
-Recognizing Bee Dieseases
-Don't Break Your Back Keeping Bees
-Cooking With Honey
-BASIC BEEKEEPING – The First & Second Spring Season
-The Brood Nest -- Kids' Session: Creative Edible Honey Bee Art
-Status of Midwest Queens
-Diversified Sideline Beekeeping
-Hauling Package Bees
-Encaustic Painting
-The Brood Nest -- Kids' Session: Honey Extraction 101
-Reading Frames
-Urban Beekeeping
-Modern Management of Modern Bee Problems
-Making Jams & Jellies with Honey
-BASIC BEEKEEPING -Catching Swarms & Making Colony Increases
-The Brood Nest -- Kids' Session: Bee Communicaton

Find more info on the Wooster conference heres' Session: Bee Communicaton